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Oliver Chammas

Oliver Chammas

Oliver joined WP Thompson’s London office in 2018 as a part qualified patent attorney in the lifescience and biotechnology team. The focus of his work is the filing and prosecution of patent applications in the UK, Europe and overseas. He has worked in a variety of technical fields including medical devices, biologics, antibody technologies, chemistry and pharmaceuticals.

Oliver obtained an integrated PhD and MSc in Molecular Scale Engineering from the University of Leeds.

During his PhD Oliver worked on a number of projects including quantum dot technology for medical uses, split enzyme technology for use in detecting and treating heart disease and the use of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to study various biological events in situ and in real time. The main focus of his PhD was studying interactions of DNA motor proteins with different DNA structures including multiple promoter systems and DNA origami utilising conventional and high-speed AFM. He devolved expertise in: biological nanotechnology; DNA nanotechnology; recombinant DNA techniques; phage display and ELISA; DNA superstructures; nano- and micro-scopic surface structures; and atomic force microscopy.

Prior to his PhD Oliver graduated with a BSc in Medical Biochemistry at the University of Leeds. His research project focused on discovery and analysis of new antimalarial drug targets and drugs. This provided Oliver with experience of recombinant protein techniques, enzymology and X-ray crystallography.