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UK ratifies Hague Agreement

UK ratifies Hague Agreement


The UK has now ratified the Hague Agreement on the registration of industrial designs and so from 13 June 2018 it will be possible to designate the UK within an international design application. Design protection is already available via the Hague System in 67 other territories including the US, the EU and Japan.

The Hague System allows for protection to be obtained in a variety of territories by way of a single application filed at WIPO which undergoes a single central examination as to formal requirements. However, the local offices of the designated territories can raise objection on more substantive issues, such as novelty, if consistent with their national procedures.

The system offers design owners a simplified and cost-effective route for obtaining design protection in multiple territories. In addition, maintenance and administration procedures are also simplified since renewals and register updates require only a single application handled centrally at WIPO.  

Further details on the Hague system are available here but please do not hesitate to contact us if we might be able to assist further.