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UK Registered Design

Registration is available by way of a formal application procedure at the UKIPO for two or three-dimensional features of a design and which can relate to an article, or part of an article. The design must be new and have "individual character" such that, for the informed user, the design produces a different overall impression from earlier designs.

We are experienced in pursuing applications to obtain the most appropriate form of protection in respect of a wide variety of articles having aesthetic features considered to be commercially important. Once accepted by the UKIPO, the registration is published and remains in force for an initial period of five years from its filing date. This term can be extended by four further terms, each of five years, upon payment of renewal fees.

There is a "grace period" for disclosures made by the designer within the 12-month period preceding the filing or priority date of the application. This allows for some degree of prior publication by the designer without invalidating a design obtained on a later-filed application.

It is possible to include multiple designs within a single application.  Filing is carried out on-line.  In order to file an application, we need:

        - Full name, address and nationality of applicant(s).

        - Clear representations showing different views of the article(s) bearing the design(s) to be


        - Number, country and date of earlier priority application (if applicable).

In due course, we may need:

        - Certified copy of priority application and English translation (if applicable).