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Due Diligence

The value of an Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is increasingly being recognised both in terms of a company's balance sheet and as an important commercial tool for dealings with third parties. As with any other form of property, IP can be sold, mortgaged and licensed and can form the basis of other commercial transactions. It is therefore important that the true value of the full range of IP be accurately assessed. The validity of an IP right is likely to form the basis for its value. Our teams have broad experience in providing reassurance to clients concerning questions arising in relation to the existence and value of a wide variety of IP rights. Such advice can be given in relation to single items of IP or across a whole IP portfolio and in any technical field.

In line with our general philosophy, we look to take a proactive approach to due diligence matters and provide a wide range of services. These include identity of the relevant IP rights and full and detailed analysis of questions of validity and potential infringement. 

In situations where potentially problematic IP rights have not been fully identified, we offer a wide range of searching services. These include investigations and analysis of the activities and rights of competitors, licensors, business/project partners and joint-venture and acquisition targets. Here our reports can be tailored to integrate with the activities of our clients’ other professional advisors such as accountants and with investment advisors such as venture capitalists and private equity houses.