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Rosemary Stevenson

Rosemary Stevenson

Rosey graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MSci Honours degree in Physics. During her degree she studied a wide range of topics, including superconductivity, condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, medical imaging, and biological nanomachines before specialising in Particle Physics in her fourth year. Her final year project focussed on Quark Gluon Plasmas created in heavy ion collisions at the ALICE detector at CERN and their detection through charged particle momentum suppression relative to energy and pressure gradients. She also completed an internship at a defence company, gaining experience in signal processing, data encryption, and object orientated programming.

Prior to entering the patent profession she worked in secondary schools in Surrey as a physics teacher, mentor and tutor.

Rosey joined WP Thompson in 2019 as part of the Physics team and handles a wide range of cases in software, mechanical, and electrical fields. She is currently working towards becoming a qualified Patent Attorney.