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Rupert Mellor

Rupert Mellor

Rupert joined our London Office as a trainee Patent Attorney in the summer of 2018. He obtained his PhD in Ultra-Low Temperature Condensed Matter from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2018, working in conjunction with the National Physical Laboratory. His project developed the use of nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS) as low temperature probes for quantum fluids such as superfluid Helium, and worked towards achieving quantum-mechanical behaviour in NEMS devices through brute-force cooling techniques. Rupert specialises in cryogenics, magnet design, signal analysis, nanofabrication, object-oriented programming, vacuum systems, nuclear magnetic resonance, quantum sensors, quantum engineering and electronics.

Before undertaking his PhD Rupert read Physics at Royal Holloway and graduated with an MSci in 2014. His undergraduate project was within the bio-diagnostics group, focusing on the development of a low magnetic field MRI system with a view towards implementing magnetoencephalography in the same device.