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Fee Changes At The European Patent Office

Fee Changes At The European Patent Office


As of 1 April 2009 there will be further changes to the fee structure for a number of fees payable to the European Patent Office (EPO) and a new excess page fee will be introduced for applications over a certain length.


Changes of particular note are:


  1. Additional fee payable upon filing for applications comprising more than 35 pages including the abstract and drawings. An official fee will be payable for the 36th and each subsequent page.


  1. Designation fees: a flat fee will be payable irrespective of the number of contracting states of interest. It will no longer be necessary to pay a designation fee per state up to a maximum of seven designation fees, and all contracting states will be automatically included upon payment of the flat fee.


  1. Grant fee: while a grant fee will remain payable, the printing fee currently payable for each page in excess of the 35th at the time of grant has been abolished although a similar fee now arises at the filing stage (see point 1 above).


  1. Claims fees: further to the changes introduced on 1 April 2008, a first level of claims fee will remain payable for each claim from the 16th to the 50th; and a second higher level of claims fee will be payable for each claim in excess of the 50th.


The above noted changes will apply to all European patent applications filed on or after 1 April 2009 as well as International patent applications entering the European regional phase on or after that date.