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UK and CTM Trade Mark Applications - Fee Reductions

UK and CTM Trade Mark Applications - Fee Reductions


The Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market and the UK Intellectual Property Office have both made announcements concerning the reduction of trade mark application fees.

OHIM has announced that fee changes aimed at reducing the cost of trade mark protection by approximately 40% have been approved by the Fees Committee. Under the new provisions, there will be no CTM registration fee.  The application fee will be slightly increased to  €1050 for a CTM applied for by fax or paper and  €900 for an electronically filed CTM.  The new fee for an application filed via the Madrid Protocol will be  €870. 

The new rates will apply to all CTM applications filed from 1st May 2009 and to all pending CTM applications at that date for which the official registration fee has not been requested by the Community Office.

The UK Intellectual Property Office has also announced a review of its fees related to trade mark and patent protection, and with public consultation. The aim of the proposed changes is to provide affordable support to businesses seeking protection in the UK.

David Lammy, Minister of State for Intellectual Property states:-

"In the current economic climate, there is a risk that businesses will not protect their Intellectual Property, which will harm both those businesses and UK competitiveness in the longer term.  We welcome the fee reduction announced by the European trade mark office.  However we also recognise the need for the Intellectual Property Office to keep improving its services, ensuring national registration remains an attractive choice for UK businesses, where such registration is appropriate.  The consultation looks
at measures which will help businesses to continue to register intellectual property rights in a downturn and continue to meet the needs of all customers."