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Changes to UK Trade Mark Practice

Changes to UK Trade Mark Practice


The UK Intellectual Property Office ("UKIPO") has announced a number of changes to the UK trade mark application system, to be implemented on 1st October 2009.

Applications filed after this date seeking registration of a series of marks in excess of two will incur an additional fee and the number of marks that may be included in a series will be limited to six. Furthermore it will no longer be possible to divide an application on the basis of the marks in the series (divisions of goods and services will still be possible).

Two further fee changes will be implemented at this time. Firstly, online applications will qualify for a discount of 30GBP (of the total cost) provided that the full application fee is paid at the time of filing. This discount is also applicable to applications requesting a 'fast track'

service. Secondly, the official fee for requesting an extension of time in tribunal proceedings, or to extend a missed deadline in examination matters, will be increased from GBP50.00 to GBP100.00.

Finally the UKIPO will introduce the 'Right Start' service, which may be used as an alternative to the standard service, enabling applicants to pay official fees in two halves. The first half is payable at the time of filing and the second following examination, if the application is to continue. 'Right Start' applications must be filed online, although the online filing discount referred to above may not be claimed.