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Global Technology Law Summit 2020

Global Technology Law Summit 2020


We are pleased to announce that our Julian Potter will Chair the forthcoming Global Technology Law Summit, which this year will traverse the globe as an interactive virtual experience, providing accessible, interactive opportunities for learning, networking, and engagement.

The Summit will offer sessions held during the workday for various time zones, following Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and include sessions on trending and relevant topics. It will be an interactive, discussion-based program utilizing ITechLaw's new virtual platform. Top speakers will discuss a broad overview of a topic, and then attendees will break into smaller table groups of 5-8 to discuss the topic in greater depth. Each table will host a different topic for discussion. Attendees will be able to move freely from table-to-table as they choose. This creates a truly interactive experience and all you need to do is show up to a breakout table, no pre-registration required! 

The Summit will be a fully virtual, interactive experience with:  

  • Top speakers from technology companies and law firms around the world.  
  • Interactive small group breakout discussions. 
  • Robust opportunities for networking and connecting with colleagues.  


Further details can be found here