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WP Thompson Attorney Co-authors New ITechLaw Book on Responsible Artificial Intelligence

WP Thompson Attorney Co-authors New ITechLaw Book on Responsible Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Julian M Potter a partner at WP Thompson, has co-authored a new book, Responsible AI: A Global Policy Framework, that provides an in-depth review and eight discussion principles to encourage the responsible development, deployment and use of artificial intelligence.

Working with a multidisciplinary international team that was part of a larger corps of 54 authors in 16 countries, Julian researched and developed potential solutions around the critical issue of AI and Intellectual Property.

Published by the International Technology Law Association (ITechLaw), the 304-page publication is a call to action that launches a public comment period open to all stakeholders willing to provide feedback and ideas on ways to strengthen these first-version discussion principles. The public comment period runs until September 15, 2019. Emailed comments may be sent to ResponsibleAI@itechlaw.org.

For over a decade artificial intelligence has been under development and implementation. However, the increase in processing power available to even the most modest -sized devices and the connectivity available to such devices has made artificial intelligence an extremely potent tool.  The adaptability of AI systems lends their use to many applications, including safety critical applications, and its likely ubiquity requires its implementation and use to be responsible so that society may enjoy safely the benefits AI can bring.

The actionable framework that Julian co-developed addresses some of the world’s hottest current technology and moral issues:

  1. Ethical Purpose and Societal Benefit
  2. Accountability
  3. Transparency and Explainability
  4. Fairness and Non-discrimination
  5. Safety and Reliability
  6. Open Data and Fair Competition
  7. Privacy
  8. AI and Intellectual Property


Among the suggested actions in the framework are

          Ensuring intellectual property protection, in particular patent protection is available for AI innovations

          Grounding the responsible AI framework in the human-centric principle of “accountability” that makes  organizations developing, deploying, or using AI systems accountable for harm caused by AI;

          Denying “legal personality” to AI systems;

          Promoting a context-sensitive framework for transparency and explainability;

          Elaborating the notion of elegant failure, as well as revisiting the “tragic choices” dilemma; and

          Encouraging responsible AI by design. 

Download the Principles or the free Framework. 

Download the electronic version of Responsible AI: A Global Policy Framework at www.ITechLaw.org/ResponsibleAI (USD$9.99, free for ITechLaw members).

Share your comments on responsible AI.

Order the printed book (USD$79 non-members, $45 members).

Anyone interested in responsible AI can join the conversation on social media at #ResponsibleAI_ITechLaw (Twitter), @ITechLaw_Assn (Facebook), and LinkedIn at International Technology Law Association.

All attendees to the ITechLaw conference in BostonDublin, Bangalore and Singapore conferences also will receive a complimentary printed copy.

For more information about WP Thompson and its services related to AI and other rapidly emerging technologies, contact Dr Julian M Potter, jmp@wpt.co.uk (+44 20 74054442). Media interested in obtaining a copy of the book or interviewing Dr Julian m Potter should contact him directly.