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Trade Marks

A trade mark registration enables an individual or business to protect a sign which serves to distinguish their goods/services from those of other undertakings. Trade marks usually comprise words (including personal names), designs and logos, letters and/or numerals. However, the shape of a product or its packaging may constitute a trade mark. Also, in the appropriate circumstances, musical jingles and smells can be trade marks.

We offer a comprehensive range of trade mark services. These include clearance searches for new trade marks in one or more jurisdictions and advice based on the results of those searches. We also handle the preparation, filing and prosecution of trade mark applications before the UKIPO and European Union Trade Mark Office (EUIPO) and contentious matters such as opposition, cancellation, revocation and infringement proceedings. We are also able to assist clients in obtaining, exploiting and enforcing trade mark protection in countries outside Europe.

Trade mark audits are an important part of maintaining appropriate and adequate trade mark coverage. We provide and update such reviews.

It is important to police third-party trade mark activities. An important aspect of this involves maintaining a watch for attempted registration of the same, or similar, trade marks. We offer a wide variety of watching services and strategies. Such services often form an important element of the ongoing proactive relationship our trade mark team looks to establish with its clients.

A variety of routes exist for securing trade mark protection. These comprise the following:

National applications
European Union applications
Madrid Protocol applications
OAPI applications