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Diversity and Inclusion - Senior Leaders' Pledge

Diversity and Inclusion - Senior Leaders' Pledge


WP Thompson is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion (D&I) internally and within the IP community.

We are part of IP Inclusive’s senior leaders’ think tank, which has recently launched a "Leaders' Pledge". Its aim is to help senior professionals provide visible and active leadership on improving diversity and inclusion in their organisations.

The new pledge has been signed by WP Thompson's partners Stuart Forrest, David Gill and Alistair McKinnon.

The Leaders’ Pledge

The Leaders’ Pledge supplements the main IP Inclusive EDI Charter, and it is a commitment by individuals not organisations. The pledge is intended for signature by managing partners, chief executives and others in senior, decision-making roles, it includes a promise to work alongside more junior colleagues to effect positive change.
The Leaders’ Pledge consists of eight high-level commitments, shown below. Alongside each of these, a signatory commits to one or more practical steps they will take to fulfil their pledge. These steps can be tailored to suit the size, structure and resources of the individual business and how far it is already along its D&I journey. What matters most is that they are publicised, both internally and externally, to demonstrate that D&I will not be a box-ticking exercise, will not be consigned to silos within the organisation, but will be championed at the highest levels.

The commitments

1. Providing visible and proactive leadership to improve D&I in my organisation
2. Taking D&I seriously at the highest level
3. Embedding and valuing D&I throughout the organisational culture
4. Building trust and safe spaces throughout the organisation
5. Educating myself and my colleagues about D&I issues
6. Sharing my privileges
7. Insisting on equity
8. Working closely with HR and/or management colleagues to achieve this.