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IP Strategy

Clients developing their own Intellectual Property (IP) all have a common goal of protecting their investment and creativity. However, the nature, geographical extent and timing with which the relevant applications for such protection are best filed can vary greatly for different applicants.  This is due to factors such as technical field, product lifetime and financial and market constraints.

At WP Thompson we form a close relationship with our clients, to understand their technical and business needs and how such needs are best served by the various forms of IP protection.  Our assistance and advice is all provided with a realisation of the relevant commercial constraints that exist. We react quickly to prepare and file urgently required patent, design or trade mark applications.  We maintain longstanding involvement from inception to completion of a particular product/technology.  Our attorneys offer a flexible and proactive approach to maintain relationships that ensure our clients remain fully apprised of the relevant possibilities for protecting their intellectual investments in a most suitable manner.  Our experience in forming appropriate strategies for clients extends well beyond the preparation and filing of relevant applications.  It covers also enforcement and licensing strategies to assist clients in seeking to maximise the leverage and return sought from their intellectual investments and resulting IP.