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Patents are very important as commercial tools and business assets. At WP Thompson we are fully aware of this. Our advice to clients always has a commercial edge. Patents provide protection for technical innovation in products, processes, materials and machinery. Patents can also protect software-related developments. Investment in research, development and marketing should be protected. Patents can prove particularly useful for this purpose.

WP Thompson provides expertise across all technical disciplines. These include chemistry, chemical engineering, electronics, software, mechanical engineering, pharma and biotech.

In addition to the drafting, filing and prosecuting of patent applications, we offer advice and assistance in the strategic assessment of patent portfolios, due diligence investigations, and the provision of patent audits. Our attorneys have broad experience in litigation and contentious issues involving questions of validity, infringement and ownership in particular. We also provide input in relation to commercial negotiations, particularly those involving licences and assignments.

WP Thompson is highly regarded for its experience and expertise in the filing and prosecution of UK patent applications, European patent applications filed under the European Patent Convention (EPC) and International patent applications filed under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT).

In addition, we have close links with a large number of overseas attorney firms covering practically every country that offers patent protection. We provide advice on strategies for seeking the full geographical coverage  for an invention. Our offices form a focal point from which any combination of applications can be prepared, filed and coordinated.

An outline of the basic filing requirements follows. Further specific information and advice, including cost estimates, can be provided upon request.