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Environmental Policy


WP Thompson, and its affiliated companies, seeks a high standard in each aspect of its business. This includes a commitment to minimize the environmental impact of its business operations.

 WP Thompson's commitment is to:

Optimize its environmental performance and integrate recognized environmental management best practice into its business operations;

Reduce its consumption of, and improve the efficient use of, resources;

Recognize and where possible reduce the carbon footprint of its business activities;

Manage waste generated from its business operations according to the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling;

Include environmental criteria as a consideration in the procurement of goods and services

Communicate the importance of environmental issues to its employees;

Liaise with its employees, service providers, suppliers, landlords and their agents to promote improved environmental performance.

WP Thompson will review its environmental policy annually.

This statement represents WP Thompson's general position on environmental issues, and the policies and practices that will apply in conducting its business.  For further detail please see 'Monitoring Our Environmental Performance' below.


Monitoring Our Environmental Performance

We monitor our environmental performance in order to achieve maximum reduction in the environmental impact of our business.

Our objectives are set and reviewed annually.  To achieve our objectives we have implemented an Environmental 'green' Policy and we aim to ensure all of our staff understand and comply with this policy.

Currently the implementation of this Policy includes:

-          Toner Recycling :

We recycle all Toner cartridges used in the course of our business operations;

Used toners are sent for recycling and the proceeds are given to local charities.

-          Recycling bins on each floor at each office  :

We have installed recycling bins within our offices for receipt of all waste paper produced in the course of our business activities.

-          Energy consumption :

We have implemented a ‘switch off’ policy of electrical devices as appropriate and used in the course of our business activities

-          Closed door policy :

Heating/air conditioning units are turned off or run at reduced levels over weekends and holidays;

-          IT Equipment and mobile phones :

Old and broken IT equipment and mobile phones are sent for recycling and the proceeds are given to local charities.