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Sustainable development, ethics and the environment

Our Basic Principles

As a firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys founded in 1873, the business of WP Thompson has been intimately involved with promoting and supporting innovation for nearly 150 years. Our professional services play a vital role in helping our clients deliver enduring and sustainable projects.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the premise that as a professional services firm, our role is to embrace change and offer our clients the best possible long-term advice to ensure that their intellectual property is protected, forward-looking and future-ready, either through new technologies or new approaches.

As a professional services firm regulated by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (“IPReg”), we are bound to apply the standards of professional conduct set out in the Rules of Conduct for Patent Attorneys, Trade Mark Attorneys and Other Regulated Persons published by IPReg. We must act at all times with integrity, putting clients’ interests foremost within the operation of the law, practising competently, promptly, conscientiously, courteously, honestly and objectively with clients’ affairs. We will at all times operate in an ethical manner, and must avoid any action that may compromise our independence and the dignity and good-standing of ourselves and the patent and trade mark professions as a whole.

In the delivery of our services we continually aim to be less wasteful of resources and less harmful to the environment. We strive to take steps to reduce our own carbon, water and waste footprints, to promote training and personal development for our staff, and to engage in activities that support the local communities where we operate.

Our Policy Statement:

· We will use the growth of the sustainable economy to seek to develop new markets and create new commercial opportunities;

· We will direct our advice, whenever it is appropriate, to be future-ready and designed to help our clients reduce their impact on the environment;

· We will at all times act ethically and with integrity, handling our clients’ affairs within the law and in a way that will not compromise the standing of either ourselves as individual professionals or the professions to which we belong;

· We will actively manage our own impact on the environment, support the professional and personal development of our staff, and seek to have a positive social impact on the communities of which we are a part.